Powerful gas combined heat and power systems (gas CHP) from EC Power and 2G

With the Gas Combined Heat and Power Plants of the XRGI series by EC Power and the product series agenitor, G-Box, avus & KWK by 2G, we offer excellent gas CHP systems for almost any need. 

Our gas combined heat and power products


Data sheet

 Electrical output

EC Power combined heat and power / CHP


6 kW
9 kW
15 kW
20 kW

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Mephisto G34
Mephisto G50

14 - 34 kW
20 - 50 kW

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agenitor series

220-450 kW


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Online-Broschüre zur nachhaltigen und effizienten Energiekostenreduzierung für Hotels

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Speziell aufgesetzte Internetseite: informativ und übersichtlich! Themen: Alles rund um HotelEnergieLösungen von enerquinn

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PDF-Broschüre zum speziellen Energiekonzept für Hotels - In der Kombination oder einzeln: Photovoltaik und Blockheizkraftwerk optimieren  Eigenverbrauch

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What is combined heat and power (CHP)? Nothing else than efficient cogeneration on two levels: electricity & heat. CHP plants are available in different sizes and can be operated with different types of fuel. Let's analyze the term: The three words "combined", "heat" and "power"  refer to the fact that two forms of energy, i.e.electricity and useful heat, are simultaneously generated in one unit of the size of a refrigerator. A CHP plant consists of an engine, a generator and a heat exchanger. The engine runs on fuel and the generator converts the energy thereby produced into electricity. The heat exchanger makes the heat generated in this process available for heating.