Our charging stations for electric vehicles are perfectly suitable for use in the private and semi-public sector.

Ladestation emobil elektrofahrzeugeThey are wired ready for connection and immediately operational after installation to the local mains supply and putting into service by the electrically qualified person.

And thanks to a highly efficient charging station control, you can now also benefit from maximized self-consumption in the field of elctromobility.

Case Study Charging station / Elios4you

Always the exact power for charging the electric car

enerquinn uses the PV Management System Elios4you by 4-noks for a flexible and hence highly efficient charging station control.

We are one of the leading experts for full-service planning and implementation of combined heat and power units as well as photovoltaic electrical energy storage solutions. Therefore, it goes without saying that not only a PV system has been installed on the roof of the company building but also that an electric car is part of the vehicle fleet, including a company-owned charging station.

Ladestation von enerquinn wird von Elios4you von 4-noks gesteuert
Managing director Stefan Oexle-Ewert with the e-car of enerquinn Energiesystemtechnik GmbH in Weingarten. The charging stations for private and semi-public operators supplied by the company provide 22 kW. As a plug-in device, they are ready for operation immediately after installation and connection to the grid and putting into service by the qualified electrician.

To ensure a particularly efficient control of this electric filling station, enerquinn uses the PV management system Elios4you from its partner company 4-noks. Elios4you was specifically developed to permit permanent monitoring of the generation, feeding and use of solar energy and thus maximize self-consumption. It is now possible to also benefit from this key advantage in the field of electromobility.

“To be able to use the Elios4you output signal for charge current regulation, we have adapted the charging station to this effect,“ says Stefan Oexle-Ewert, managing director of enerquinn. “Elios4you measures the surplus solar energy at the feeding point. As soon as more solar energy is generated than is simultaneously consumed, Elios4you sends a 0 - 10 V signal to the charging station, which then incrementally adjusts the charge current supplied to the car.“

Ladestation für Elektroautos wird mit Elios4you gesteuert
Smart charging station control with Elios4you: If the surplus of generated power (blue) is high, the charging power (orange) will increase automatically.

More specifically this means: If a lot of solar energy is available, charging will occur at a high charge current. On the other hand, if there is less surplus energy, the charge rate is low. In this way, the solar energy generated can be utilized in a highly flexible way and hence very economically to operate an electric car.

Also very convenient and efficient: With the Elios4you Smart App the system is easily controllable via tablet or smartphone.

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Ladestation für elektrische Fahrzeuge: 22 kW für private und halböffentliche Betreiber.

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