Technology and service - complete and one-stop

From the family home to industrial plants to commercial buildings and even off-grid systems, from lithium-ion batteries to heat pumps, from the maximization of self-consumption to full repair and maintenance service - enerquinn provides you with perfectly integrated PV solutions to suit almost any requirements.
So you can be assured that your system not only operates reliably at all times but also that it is highly efficient.


Our services in detail

Solar self-consumption with one-stop solar power and photovoltaic systems

The energy experts from enerquinn take care of ...

  • ... the complete planning
  • ... the installation
  • ... the set-up
  • ... the monitoring

of your photovoltaic system.



From the first draft to the monitoring of the day-to-day operations

But we remain very flexible at all times. In fact, you can commission us with the planning of your PV system and then have it installed by whoever you choose.

Great service for your photovoltaic system installed and delivered by enerquinn in germany


As one of the pioneers of photovoltaics, we have long-standing, also international experience in this field.

Therefore, we know exactly how you can best benefit from your self-generated solar electricity thanks to intelligent control and storage technology.

We ...

  • ... furnish expert opinions
  • ... develop individually optimized concepts 
  • ... carry out calls for tender
  • ... organize investment projects 



Performance information

Online-Broschüre zur nachhaltigen und effizienten Energiekostenreduzierung für Hotels

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Speziell aufgesetzte Internetseite: informativ und übersichtlich! Themen: Alles rund um HotelEnergieLösungen von enerquinn

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PDF-Broschüre zum speziellen Energiekonzept für Hotels - In der Kombination oder einzeln: Photovoltaik und Blockheizkraftwerk optimieren  Eigenverbrauch

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Ein kleiner Film (abzuspielen im Browser) zum Thema Solarstrom. Wie spielen die einzelnen Komponenten zusammen und was passiert wann und hängt wie zusammen.

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Leistungsspektrum der enerquinn GmbH im Bereich Solar / Photovoltaik: Photovoltaik Management, Batteriespeicher, Speichersysteme & Solare Wärme

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Unsere Broschüre zum Thema Solarstrom. Wie spielen die einzelnen Komponenten Solaranlage, Wechselrichter, Batteriespeicher... zusammen? Was passiert wann und warum kann ich auch in der Nacht vom "selbstgemachten" Strom profitieren?

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