The price of electricity will, in the future, rise every year. And the Federal energy storage funding program has been running since 01 May 2013.  

Our battery storage product


With this combination, photovoltaic systems and the corresponding additional investments make even more sense. 

In fact, the self-consumption of solar electricity can be further optimized with battery storage systems. These take up the solar energy generated during the day and not needed for the time being to make it available for future consumption.

In addition, battery storage offers the valuable advantage that the batteries help to bridge power failures.


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Online-Broschüre zur nachhaltigen und effizienten Energiekostenreduzierung für Hotels

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PDF-Broschüre zum speziellen Energiekonzept für Hotels - In der Kombination oder einzeln: Photovoltaik und Blockheizkraftwerk optimieren  Eigenverbrauch

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