Lithium-Ionen Batteriespeicher enerquinn

The new energy storage system BAT 50 is a modular lithium-ion storage device which stores the surplus photovoltaic energy produced in battery modules to make it advailable for future needs. The inverter feeds the energy selectively into the public grid or the energy storage device.

Thanks to the energy storage device, solar electricity users are less affected by increasing electricity costs and use there self-produced green energy when it is needed.


  • EQ Energy storage system BAT 50 - 300 1.5 - 4.8 V
  • Excellent value for money

  • Modular design: Depending on the desired storage capacity the battery modules can be flexibly adjusted to your needs up to a maxiumum of 60 kWh
  • High-performance energy storage system

  • New lithium-ion technology: 7-year fair value replacement guarantee
  • High efficiency: 97%
  • High depth of discharge with 80% DOD

  • Long service life: 5,000 complete cycles
  • High operational safety

  • Made in Germany

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