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A mountain lodge, a remote part of the country or maybe a comfortable mobile home - sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to connect to the public electrical grid. Then, this is the time for off-grid systems capable of operating independently.

Off-grid systems

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These are small photovoltaic systems. The electrical consumers are supplied with 230 V AC current via an inverter. During the day, the consumers are supplied directly with solar energy; during the night, electricity is provided by the battery. If the battery capacity is insufficient, a back-up electric generator can be actuated. Off-grid systems are dimensioned in such way that these diesel generators are only switched on in exceptional cases and are not needed most of the time.

Microgrid systems

Die Energieversorgung auf der Insel Rakeedhoo übernimmt von nun an das Micro Grid, dass von enerquinn geplant, installiert und in Betrieb genommen wurde.

These systems basically work according to the same operational principles as off-grid systems. However, it is also possible to feed for example solar or wind energy into the grid on the AC side, i.e. the consumer's side. In the same way as the large electricity grids, the generators are controlled via the grid frequency.

Product components of the enerquinn off-grid PV plants:

  • Photovoltaic system or photovoltaic modules
  • Charge regulator
  • Storage battery (lithium-ion battery)
  • Inverter

Full service by enerquinn

In addition to the individually optimized planning and concept design of your off-grid PV system, we also take care of installation, commissioning and training of the operators or their customers.

Insel Rakeedhoo / Malediven – In 2016, we planned, installed and commissioned one of our microgrid systems on this island:


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Off-grid systems by enerquinn: Solar energy replaces fossil fuels

Micro grid systems with lithium-ion battery storage device for the Maledives

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