By "PV light“, we at enerquinn mean photovoltaic "self-consumption" systems for family homes up to approx. 10 kWp.

When considering the costs of the generation and procurement of solar electricity as well as the grid feed payments under the EEG, it becomes clear that power generation for self-consumption will continue to be profitable in the future - not least as a result of the ever-decreasing price of battery storage devices. In addition, with the installation of a PV plant, house owners can make a valuable contribution to the reduction in CO2 emissions.


Photovoltaic systems for single family homes from enerquinn

Photovoltaic systems for single family homes from enerquinn

Self-consumption and hence the efficiency of your photovoltaic plant can be further optimized by combining it with other components.

The following list gives you an overview of relevant products:

Photovoltaic plant + Battery storage = more self-consumption

The figure below shows an example of a typical summer day including

  • electricity consumption
  • PV system in operation
  • utilization of the battery system
  • feeding of electricity into the grids

A day with photovoltaic system and Battery storage system

Example of a typical day with photovoltaic plant and battery storage in connection with power consumption and feed-in.

Would you like to learn more about how you can benefit from a photovoltaic system?
Then do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced staff will be happy to provide comprehensive advice.

Also, for more detailed information and facts on the topic of "Photovoltaics for private homes", click on the link below to access the paper given by Stefan Oexle-Ewert, managing director of enerquinn.  

Warum sich Photovoltaik, auch und besonders für Privathäuser, immer noch lohnt erörtert Stefan Oexle-Ewert von der enerquinn GmbH

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Selected references


Information material on the topic

Leistungsspektrum der enerquinn GmbH im Bereich Solar / Photovoltaik: Photovoltaik Management, Batteriespeicher, Speichersysteme & Solare Wärme

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Unsere Broschüre zum Thema Solarstrom. Wie spielen die einzelnen Komponenten Solaranlage, Wechselrichter, Batteriespeicher... zusammen? Was passiert wann und warum kann ich auch in der Nacht vom "selbstgemachten" Strom profitieren?

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Ein kleiner Film (abzuspielen im Browser) zum Thema Solarstrom. Wie spielen die einzelnen Komponenten zusammen und was passiert wann und hängt wie zusammen.

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Details zur Eigenverbrauch-Lösung im Einfamilienhaus mit PV / Photovoltaik Anlage und intelligenter Überwachung / Steuerung per Tablet oder Smartphone mit Elios4you.

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