The combination of photovoltaics and heat pump increases the efficiency of self-consumption of electricity.

If a heat pump is operated in conjunction with self-generated photovoltaic electricity, a heat storage device (buffer, boiler) can store surplus electric power in the form of heat and release it as soon as the thermal energy is needed.

ochsner heat pump operation

Compared with solar thermal systems, a combination of photovoltaics and heat pump is significantly more cost-effective:
In summer, only the actually needed amount of hot water is generated. Whereas with a solar thermal system, the surplus heat produced in the warm season quasi goes up in smoke, the surpluses generated by a PV plant are not lost but can be fed into the public grid and will be remunerated by the electric utility.

Due to the yearly increasing prices for heating energy, the additional investment in a heat pump pays off - depending on the installation expenditure - over the remuneration period of a photovoltaic system, which is 20 years.

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